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How Telegram Optimize Image Before Uploading it to the Server on Android

June 26, 2021

Have you noticed when you take a picture on your smartphone and upload/share it to social media like Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc…

How to mitmproxy part 2: Modifying Android Network Traffic with mitmproxy

January 30, 2021

In the previous post, I talked about how to inspect your Android network traffic with mitmproxy. In this part 2, I will tell you how you can…

How to mitmproxy part 1: Inspecting Android Network Traffic with mitmproxy

January 10, 2021

When developing an Android application with network activity such as requesting a resource to a remote endpoint, I usually like to inspect…

My Journey to Become an Android Engineer at Tokopedia

January 03, 2021

My early journey and challenges I face to land my first full-time Android software engineering role in one of Indonesia big e-commerce company

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